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Posted on 02/19/2024
Questions to Ask When Finding a New Place to Live
Home buying is difficult whether you know the area or not. If you're leaving a location you're used to, it can be overwhelming to decide on a new place to live. There are some questions you can ask to determine your priorities and whether a new location is a good fit. Here are some to begin with: How's...
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Posted on 02/12/2024
Understanding your home technology: Smart motion sensors
Modern motion sensors have been around for decades, and...
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Posted on 02/05/2024
Working from home: Burnout and ways to avoid it
Working from home can be great for a variety of reasons,...
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Posted on 01/29/2024
DIY Fertilizer: How to make compost tea from kitchen waste
If you’re interested in making your own sustainable plant...
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Posted on 01/22/2024
Space heater safety tips
Space heaters are a convenient way to warm up and...
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Posted on 01/15/2024
House buying costs every potential buyer should prepare for
House buying costs involve much more than just the...
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Posted on 01/08/2024
Vintage decorating: Ideas & inspiration for your home
If you’re interested in new ways to enhance your home,...
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Posted on 01/01/2024
High-tech decorating: Game room lighting & accessories
When searching for the latest and greatest in high-tech...
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Posted on 12/25/2023
DIY Guide: Radiator Cover Shelf
Radiator covers can be expensive and difficult to make. One of the major reasons decorating or hiding a radiator presents a problem for homeowners is not all radiators are the same dimensions. Luckily, creating a simple floating shelf is a great way to make your radiator attractive and functional no matter the size. Here's all the info you'll...
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Posted on 12/18/2023
How Living Exteriors Can Help Homeowners Save
Many of us have heard of a living or green wall. They’re excellent choices for reducing bills, counterbalancing emissions from basic home living and adding a beautiful touch of nature to your home’s exterior. But what are some of their other perks? Are there other external living features that can be applied to a home to further reduce...
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Posted on 12/11/2023
Dwelling coverage 101
Dwelling coverage, also called dwelling insurance, is...
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